21 March 2019

Our retailers are the heart of Northlands. They keep the wheels churning, cogs cogging and pumps pumping - we’d be lost without them.

To acknowledge this, we’ve launched an awesome campaign to thank them for their amazing work. Each month a retailer will be recognised for the exceptional experiences they are giving their customers.

This is where you come in. We need you to tell us who deserves to be rewarded.

Had an exceptional experience recently? You could win a $50 gift card for you and another for the store or employee that you nominate. We read every entry and pick a new winner each month, so make sure you give us as much detail as possible!


Last month’s winner

Here is the nominaton for T&T Childrenswear nominated by Juliette:

” On a busy Tuesday during the school holidays in winter, I was searching with my six year old for a belt that would not only be affordable but would fit her tiny frame. We trudged from shop to shop asking and searching but to no avail… Until my little girl suggested we go to the shop with the lovely ladies. I knew exactly which shop she meant.

T&T give fantastic friendly service and that day we were not disappointed. Not only did one of the lovely busy sales assistants help us find the belt my daughter wanted but they fitted it for her and complimented her with a genuine smile and helpful kindness. Then we find out the beloved belt is on sale as its an autumn item.

Absolutely fantastic service and price. We walked out of the shop cheerful and happy with our purchase. The two women were a great reprieve from the mundane shop experience this tired Mum usually endures. These two lovely assistants made me laugh with their light conversation and offered to call other stores in Christchurch for us, should we be in need of another colour or sized belt.

They also gave us a T&T bag to put it in which we didn’t have to pay extra for. This happy Mum will be visiting Northlands again and making a beeline for T&T, not only for the great clothing and prices but the lovely staff and two ladies who have the best customer service I’ve seen in a long time. God bless them. “