Why is it that just when you think you’ve got your baby’s sleep pattern into a consistent and predictable rhythm, it goes frustratingly crazy!  It seems to have happened suddenly out of the blue and you have no idea why!

Sometimes the reason for babies sleep pattern disturbance can become obvious after a day or two for example: teething, illness and change of environment.  Other times there seems to be no obvious cause and effect.


Basically, it’s a growth spurt in their brain and can be related to their rapidly changing cognitive skills.

This growth spurt greatly affects their sleep, and most other things, and can be a tricky time for a lot of babies and their parents!  In our experience at Baby & Beyond, it is also linked to the incredible load of ‘new experiences’ happening in such a short period of time. Examples are: learning to move, reaching and grasping, swapping toys from one hand to the other, teeth may be erupting or moving around more in their gums and starting solids.  They are also more aware of their surroundings and ‘Object Permanence’ may also be playing a big part.


Suddenly your baby may start to wake up more throughout the night where previously they may have been sleeping through, or routinely woken once or twice, and demand your constant attention.

Their day sleeps can be totally out of sink and their temperament can be somewhat grumpy and they can seem frustrated a lot!


Some can last for about a week and sometimes longer.  Often resulting in new skills that seemly happen overnight! Your baby will be developing very quickly during these periods and sometimes it can be an overwhelming and rather scary time for them.


The development of the brain and the nervous system results in a different perception of reality. The senses are maximally heightened and the baby is not always able to cope with this. Therefore, their behaviour during this time can be difficult and including crying, fear, waking frequently in the night, and aversion to eating.

This can be a tough time for parents, with disturbed sleep and a real question mark as to what is going on and more importantly wondering  – when will it end!  Try and rally a bit of help or work out a tag team system.

If your baby gets stuck in this disrupted sleep pattern, and it seems to be going on for an extended time, get in touch with us and together we can get things back on track again.