27 October 2017

Food courts, once the domain of greasy fast food and sugar loaded snacks, are taking on a new life and adding some fresh, healthy options into the mix much to the delight of the health conscious shoppers.

You don’t need to look too far to find a healthy meal at North City and picking one of these options doesn’t mean breaking the bank. Here are my top picks for the 5 best healthy meals under $15.

1. A juice from Tank

Perfect for those on the go or for someone that is kinda hungry right now, but not super hungry, but knows that by the time they are done in Kmart they will be starved (kinda). Lucky for you, a juice or smoothie from Tank will keep you full just as long as a meal. That’s because it’s full of health! Health in a takeaway cup! Veggies, fruits and grasses perfect to keep you full and give you a vitamin boost at the same time. A full (large) size will cost you $9.50 and you can add an extra shot of health if you want to as well. A shot of flu fighter, metabolism booster, protein, for example, will only cost you an extra dollar. Can somebody say bargain?!

2. Salad & dumplings from Mint

I know, I know, dumplings don’t necessarily come under the umbrella of health but with the right decisions you can make a dumpling meal into a pretty healthy one. Life is all about balance after all. And Mint certainly has you covered on the balance front. You can grab a delicious avocado salad and top it up with a few dumplings to really get some bang for your buck. It’s still under $15, depending on how many dumplings you pick of course. If you are being particularly conscious go with the steamed options to reduce the fat content.


3. A pita from Pita Pit

Mmm mmm. I sure love a nice pita. In fact, I got so excited last time I was there and ordered the large and it was huge! So if you are seriously hungry I recommend checking them out. I paid $11.90 for a large falafel (vegetarian friendly woo!) and didn’t even get close to finishing it. Which was a real bummer because it was delicious! Super fresh ingredients, no limit to how many different things you can add and no extra charge for avocado – you won’t find that kind of deal in Wellington City!

4. A burrito bowl from Taco Cantina

Just like a burrito, but in a bowl! It still has all the flavour but fewer calories when you remove the wrap. Genius. And still freaking delicious. If you are looking for something fresh and flavoursome then Taco Cantina is the way to go. You just can’t beat Mexican cuisine. A burrito bowl will only cost you $11.90 but if you want to get a little naughty with it then pop the burrito back in that wrap and get the real deal. Or of course, there are delicious nachos or churros… Oh my gosh, the temptation. Think healthy. Think healthy!

5. Breakfast from The Coffee Club

If you are looking for something a little more breakfast like, then look no further than the Coffee Club, where you can grab eggs and tomato on toast for only $13. Of course, if you decide to add a coffee then you might blow out the budget but it’s the Coffee Club after all. It would be rude not too right? Plus, the service here was awesome.



Eating healthy doesn’t need to break the bank and with so many options at North City you are in for a (healthy) treat.