07 December 2017

Diamonds are a girls’ best friend. It’s an old saying, and it may have an element of truth to it, but truth be told, the ladies actually have a Christmas gift wishlist that extends beyond diamonds too.

But, diamonds are always a good idea too! Just sayin’…

Not all girls are the same. Some prefer the simple, rustic things in life, some are happy curled up with a new book, some like sparkly objects, some can never have too many pairs of shoes, some love makeup, some don’t. Whatever the lucky woman you’re buying for is like, though, there is one thing that all of these woman have in common: you can buy gifts for them all in our centre!

Whether you’re looking for your mum, wife, girlfriend, partner, sister, aunt, cousin, or gran, keep reading, because we know where to find the perfect gift.

We’ve put together some of our favourite ideas for the different ladies in your life below.*


*These gifts might not only be loved by the ladies – they could be for anyone! But we reckon these gifts will be the hot sellers for the girls this Christmas.

Red chocolate box from Butlers Chocolate Cafe | Black lace bra from Glassons | Prada sunglasses from OPSM | Striped summer pajamas from Max | Break by Marian Keyes book from Paper Plus | Marc Jacobs perfume from Life Pharmacy | Red/green stone rings from Michael Hill | Makeup brushes kit from Life Pharmacy | Lipsticks kit from PriceWise

Some key stores to find other gifts for the ladies you might like...

  • Does she love clothes? Can’t go past Mirrou, Max, Crossroads, Glassons, Just Jeans and Jeanswest. 
  • Are new shoes a shoo-in? Take a leap into Shoe Clinic, Hannahs, or Overland.
  • Sugar & spice and all things nice? Find her something sparkly and scented at Farmers, Acquisitions, Adorn, Silvermoon or Pascoes.
  • Skin care and sleepwear? Duck into The Body Shop, Life Pharmacy, and Postie+.
  • If she’s a bit funky and fun, then run into Strandbags, Amazon or Lovisa.