30 April 2018

Regardless of what the weather wants you to think, it is officially autumn now. And you know what that means… Coats and handbags have arrived! Here are my picks for the top autumn buys and where you can get one for yourself.


Faux fur is the one thing that can get me through a cold Wellington winter. I just love it, and I was not disappointed by the variety available at North City this autumn. Glassons really stood out for me with a whole rack dedicated to faux fur in an array of styles and colours. Everything from dark shiny blue to bright red. It was fabulous! And very hard to pick a favourite but I have to say that the DIA coat absolutely shone for me. This is a mink faux fur in a beautiful rich caramel colour that has an almost patchwork texture through it. It looks very retro and would look amazing with a pair of great blue jeans. Plus, it’s a total bargain at only $89.99.


Even after all this time, a denim jacket is an absolute classic. And while you may not think that this kind of jacket would be that great for the cooler months, there was one in particular that was designed to keep you perfectly toasty no matter the weather. The Sami Shearling Denim Jacket from Max is a classic blue denim waist length jacket with a cute shearling collar poking out the top. But, the best thing about this jacket is that it is completely lined inside to keep you super warm. The body is completely lined with the shearling and the arms are lined with a puffer like material so that they don’t miss out on all that heat too. It looks cool, but it will keep you hot!


I don’t know why it took so long but finally designers have realised that a puffer jacket does not need to be plain and black. You can make a puffer jacket from any colour and in all sorts of different styles, and this autumn North City has them all. I saw shiny spotted ones, cropped ones, hooded ones and my personal favourite, the Zest ZT Puffer Jacket at Farmers. The colour is totally gorgeous (called Cinnamon Songbird which is super cute too) and it still has all the features and, most importantly, the warmth of the classic style.


Forget the days where a black coat was considered the only type suitable for classy business attire. Nowadays, colour is king and this Autumn colour dominated the stores and pink blush definitely seems to be the in thing. All the classic styles were still there but rather than sticking to black like so many coats and jackets do, this year the trenches, blazers and long felt coats were standing out in blush pink.

A standout for me was definitely the State of Play Heron coat at Farmers. This gorgeous piece had a large lapel, tie waist for cinching and flowed all the way to below the knee.