Parking made easier

We want you to have the best car parking experience possible and we have made finding your carpark much easier.

We have installed a state-of-the-art ‘vehicle management system’ (VMS). Strategically positioned LED signage at major entry points tell you how many parks are available in each of the parking zones. So you’re able to decide if you’ll turn into that particular car park or continue around to the next parking area.

To make parking as easy as possible we have made the three car parks easily identifiable with colour coding and simple names like P1, P2 and P3.

P1 is the Great North carpark, accessed off both Great North Road and Veronica Street.

P2 is the two story carpark, accessed off Totara Avenue with numerous entry points from the Reading Cinemas corner (at the roundabout) all the way to the back of Farmers.

P3 is the upstairs carpark with one entry point off Totara Avenue near the intersection with Memorial Drive.

You can also check availablity before you arrive a LynnMall by clicking here.

We are really excited to be bring this system to LynnMall and we hope your next parking experience with the VMS is a great one.

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