05 June 2019

Step into winter in style!

Winter boots


Yes, we often default to black boots for winter, but this season we are seeing so many more fabulously fashionable options.

And don’t worry, I’m all about comfort too so all of these shoes can take you from 9-5 in comfort AND style.

Winter shoes have a bunch of practical requirements. They need to be wet-weather-proof, wearable with socks, stable (so you can run for cover with those random winter squalls) and match your winter wardrobe of course.

Boots are the obvious go-to, but I wanted to show you a couple of other options too that will keep your tootsies warm, and keep your outfit looking on point, all from our lovely stores!


Must-have winter shoes

Max suede heels | Farmers slip on trainers | Number One Shoes animal print boots | Merchant 1948 mustard boots | Hannahs blus brogues


Until Next Time,

Happy Shopping

Cait xoxo