20 February 2018

Word on the street is that there are some hot new places to eat in West Auckland. New Lynn is again showing us why west is best, and surely to build some street cred are Jango & Nutlicious, now at LynnMall for you to try. And, good news! If you’re vegetarian then these two new street food style eateries are going to be right up your alley, both being 100% meat-free. And good news! If you’re not vegetarian, it doesn’t matter – you’ll love them regardless. They also have special offers for you to try – keep reading to see what you could score!


Jango has been bringing authentic Mumbai-style street food to Auckland since its Auckland inception in 2016. With mouthwatering chutneys and quality Indian spices, Jango has a deliciously moreish menu at a super reasonable price point, with snacks ranging from $2.50 – $5.50.

Whether you have a hankering for a mid-shop snack or a hearty meal, Jango has a flavourful, aromatic and guilt-free menu which is bound to satisfy even the most timid and routine diners. From traditional samosas (fried pouches of spicy potato. peas and cashews), to authentic Indian stuffed bread rolls, sodas and chai tea, there are no shortages of cheap and certainly cheerful options.

Jango’s promoter Namit Shah says that the concept came to life as a result of New Zealand not having “any reasonable street food offers from his home country”, so you know it’s going to be wicked.

As far as recommendations go, we’re singing from the rooftops about the vada pav – deep fried potato patty with curry leaves and spices and served in a warm bread roll with a coriander, chilli and tamarind chutney – for a fresh new take on the humble lunchbox hero. It’s also a heck of a steal at just $4.00, making it cheaper than your average coffee.

We also can’t get enough of one of the greatest meals to have graced our lips since sliced bread. Introducing… Jango’s bread bomb. Think the perfect marriage of potato and bread; it’s truly a couple made in cheesy food baby heaven. Delicious deep fried bread stuffed with tangy mashed potato, melty cheese, and topped with various chutneys and ketchup… We’re salivating again already! You’ll be stretching your wallet on this one with a whole $5.00 (we told you it was a bargain!)

Special offer: If you visit Jango and mention that you saw this article on our “blog”, then they’ll give you 5% off their already crazy prices!


Gracing the snacks stage also is new food truck. Nutlicious, which provides premium quality flavoured nuts and popcorn.

Nutlicious’ owner Hashini Darshani says that she has always wanted to do her own food truck that can provide quick and healthy snacks for hungry passersby.

“Since I was young, I’ve really liked eating nuts,” she says.

“I came across this amazing German caramelised nuts recipe which we’re now using to make our delicious roasted nuts”.

Darshani has now brought this next big thing to LynnMall to share with us the best crunchy and shareable snacks. Trust us; these ones are nut to be missed!

The roasted and caramelised peanuts win the race in our hearts and minds, being a classic favourite you’ll want to buy bags and bags of and share with everyone you meet. We also love the caramelised pecans, which are the perfect sweet treat by themselves or atop a summer salad or dessert.


Other must-tries are the Cajun spiced cashews; a modern and zesty take on the savoury nut, and the lemon pepper peanuts, which are a much healthier – and more delicious, might we add – alternative to packet chips.

Cajun popcorn is also a thing you need to try if you’re a bit of a popcorn fiend, and we’re also digging our arms up to our elbows in bags of the smoked chili almonds, which are to die for.

Nutlicious also has an array of different snacks for different tastes, such as their popular chili and garlic peas and caramel popcorn and nuts.

We reckon most of all you need to try the caramelised peanuts, so we’ll let you in on a little secret… If you visit Nutlicious at LynnMall and whisper “stop” to the team, they’ll give you a FREE small caramelised peanuts bag! Nut a bad deal, we say.


Jango and Nutlicious will be at LynnMall for a limited time. They’re open during regular centre hours and can be found opposite the New Lynn library.