Centre Place South

Centre Place – South is proudly managed by Kiwi Property for its private owners.  Centre Place – South sits adjacent to Kiwi Property’s Centre Place – North.  Located in Hamilton’s CBD, these two centres provide a CBD destination for food, fashion and entertainment.

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key features

Centre Place - South in Hamilton's CBD has a retail offer complemented by a great range of indoor and outdoor dining options.

plenty to eat

A large variety of food offered in an outdoor dining lane and an indoor foodcourt.

high visitation

Over 5.5 million people pass through Centre Place - North and Centre Place - South each year.

quality anchor

Two-level Farmers department store.

key facts

Centre type CBD
Year constructed 1994
Last refurbished/redeveloped 2013


Centre Place South

501 Victoria Street
Hamilton 3024

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Centre Manager

To speak to the Centre Manager, please contact:

Maureen Pearce
Centre Manager

+64 7 839 8565
+64 21 978 034

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We're passionate about providing exceptional spaces for retailers to flourish. If you are looking for great retailing space at Centre Place - South, contact our leasing team today.

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