Our sustainability programme has been operating for more than 15 years and is an important part of our value proposition. Focusing equally on people, planet and profit will see us continue to build resilience and endurance.

the rewards of good business

Our environmental programme continues to reap significant rewards, even with extended trading hours and an increase in the size of our portfolio. Since our programme began in 2008, to 31 March 2017, we have made the following savings:

energy savings

energy savings

We have reduced our energy consumption by 8,130,000 KWH, which is enough to supply 813 typical homes for on year.

water savings

water savings

We have reduced our water consumption by 124 million litres, which is enough to fill 2,471 domestic swimming pools.

waste consumption

waste consumption

We have diverted 216 tonnes of waste from landfill, which is equivalent to filling 352 jumbo bins.

carbon emission

carbon emission

We have retained the highest rating of any New Zealand entity, achieving an A- rating in the carbon disclosure project. Since 2012, we have reduced our carbon footprint by 34%.

charging stations

charging stations

In 2017, we rolled out 16 free electric car charging stations across our shopping centres, and four Tesla supercharger stations at The Base shopping centre in Hamilton.

stronger together

Like many companies, when we embarked on our sustainability programme, we started with a focus on implementing environmental initiatives that would reduce operating costs and allow us to tread more lightly on this plant.

Today, we are increasingly focused on engagement that brings us closer to our communities, builds better social behaviours and rewards, and ensures our investments are enduring.

Within our own community of employees, we have appointed champions to broaden our sustainability efforts. We believe this will provide a combination of efficiency gains, positive environmental outcomes and better community connections. A highlight example of what we can achieve through embedded sustainability thinking is the waste management programme implemented at Sylvia Park where foodcourt waste has decreased 53% when compared to the same period in 2015.


waste reduction

We have embarked on an ambitious initiative to enhance our waste recycling programme, thereby dramatically reducing waste to landfill.  Our historical efforts have seen us achieve impressive reductions in waste to landfill, however by deploying emerging technology and new approaches we believe significant further gains can be made.

The early results of this work indicate we expect to divert 120 tonnes of food wast to compostinging annually.  Surprisingly, over 20 tonnes of this is expected to be coffee grounds.

LED replacement programme

By leveraging our scale and our commitment to sustainability, we have achieved our target of having the majority of the lighting in the common areas of our property assets fitted with low cost, low impact LED lights.

We have now achieved:

– Replacement of nearly 5,000 fittings.
– Energy savings of almost 2 million kWh per annum.

We are looking to further our LED upgrade programme over the coming year.

44 The Terrace awarded ‘excellent’ energy rating

Our Wellington office building at 44 The Terrace has been awarded a 4.5 star ‘excellent’ NABERSNZ energy rating, reflecting our 10-year focus on energy efficiency. The 12-storey office complex was built in the 1980s and houses mainly government tenants, including the Commerce Commission, Tertiary Education Commission, Human Rights Commission and the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority ‘ also the licensee of NABERSNZ.

The rating underscores our commitment to a number of energy-related projects at the site, focused particularly on commissioning and fine-tuning base building services. The 4.5 star NABERSNZ rating shows the building consumes 76.3 kWh of electricity per square metre.

New Zealand’s largest solar array unveiled at Sylvia Park

The largest solar array in New Zealand is now in operation at our flagship shopping centre, Sylvia Park.

Covering an area of 3,000 sqm – about the size of 12 tennis courts – the solar array is at least five times bigger than a similar system installed on the roof of the Auckland War Memorial Museum.

Some 1,134 solar panels will generate enough clean and green electricity to power the equivalent of 59 New Zealand homes annually. That equates to around 16% of Sylvia Park’s common area energy consumption.

The installation, the latest of an ongoing sustainability initiative to be introduced at the country’s largest shopping centre, went live on 3 January 2015, producing 190,000 kWh units of electricity in its first two months of operation.

Our National Facilities Manager, Jason Happy, updates TVNZ viewers on Sylvia Park's solar array commissioning.

charging stations

At Kiwi Property, we’ve long been focused on producing sustainable outcomes from our portfolio of office buildings and shopping centres.

In 2014, we led the shopping centre industry by introducing two trickle chargers at Sylvia Park Shopping Centre to allow our customers to charge their electric vehicles or plug in hybrids, free of charge.

Given the success of the Sylvia Park installation, we are now investigating opportunities to roll out our concept to other centres or expand our offering at Sylvia Park.


key documents

The company's key documents can be obtained by clicking on the links below. The Sustainability report covers the period 1 April 2016 - 31 March 2017 to align with our wider financial and performance reporting.

Sustainability report 2017 Response on climate change Sustainability policy Greenhouse Gas Inventory 2016