Eye Spy | Melinda Butt

'Eye Spy'

“The work titled ‘Eye Spy’ was aimed to incite joy and imagination. I wanted to create a feeling of pop art playhouse as you strolled past. With all of my work, my aim is to lift ones spirits, enliven the environment and create a sense of fun. Through the use of the bright colour scheme, bold shapes and symbolism I have created a surreal landscape for all to enjoy.”

About the artist

Melinda Butt aka MIN is an artist on a mission to transform neglected yet functional spaces into bright enlivening experiences for the enjoyment of our community. “I believe integrating art into the spaces of everyday life creates moments of inspiration and joy for the people who dwell there.”


Rather than one set pattern or a pictorial theme, the abstract nature of Melinda’s work is adapted to suit the unique needs of the environment. “I offer an architectural approach, factoring in the atmospheric light, surrounding features and who uses the space. Enhancing day to day experiences through impactful designs is my key focus”.


Melinda has been involved with various community focused projects throughout her career. She is passionate about the importance of connection, and building strong communities.


With a passion for public spaces in general, Melinda is now broadening her design capabilities into public furniture and is aspiring to create interactive installations.


Website: www.melindabutt.com

Instagram: @min_butt

Boon Street Art Festival

This piece was created as part of the Boon Street Art Festival in 2019. You can find out more about the festival here.

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