Bruce McLachlan

About the artist

Bruce McLachlan is a Hamilton based artist whose skill and diversity has made him one of Hamilton’s finest commission artists.


Bruce McLachlan’s passion for art began at a young age. Born and bred in the Waikato, Bruce didn’t begin his formal career until 2003, upon the death of his mother. It is his technical skill and diversity that has gained him recognition. While one canvas can depict the rolling waves of a New Zealand beach the next a photorealestic portrait of a rock and roll legend, each a colourful addition to this artist’s extensive and diverse portfolio. Bruce is always exploring new techniques and mediums; however it is the precision and detail he accomplishes with acrylic paint that he is best known for, this is especially evident in his portraiture work. Bruce draws much of his inspiration from the relationships he develops throughout his life, whether it is one of his children or a complete stranger, he is captivated by each person’s unique character and expression.

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