21 November 2020

Our retailers are the heart of Centre Place. They keep the wheels churning, cogs cogging and pumps pumping - we’d be lost without them.

Collage of awesome people

To acknowledge this, we’ve launched an awesome campaign to thank them for their amazing work. Each month a retailer will be recognised for the exceptional experiences they are giving their customers.

This is where you come in. We need you to tell us who deserves to be rewarded.

Had an exceptional experience? You could win a $50 gift card for you and another for the store or employee that you nominate. We read every entry and pick a new winner each month, so make sure you give us as much detail as possible!


Last month’s winner

Nathan from Vodafone nominated by Amanda :

My mother’s mobile phone was having some issues. So she went into Vodafone to ask what the problem might be. She met with Nathan who was so helpful with providing her with as much detail as possible on what the issue could be and what her options were. He wrote it all down for her, so that she could come home and discuss with Dad. Mum still wasn’t 100% sure on what to do, so I along with my Mother, went back to Vodafone Centre Place in the weekend to see if Nathan was there to discuss the options with us again. I was amazed. His level of service, knowledge and manner was exceptional. Nathan made us feel completely comfortable in asking lots of questions. We felt informed and valued as a customer. He asked us questions that helped us decide on what we needed to do, what plan we needed to update to and how those changes would all work. He then took the time to work through changing over plans, changing phones and ensuring we left with all our previous data on the old phones installed onto the new phones. In total he must have spend about 2+ hours working on our changes and this was while the store was busy too. His attention to detail and ability to make us feel like an important, valued customer was refreshing. Mum and I left feeling informed and have every intention of ensuring that we visit Nathan again for any future phone plan updates or phone purchases. It is so worth the 40min drive each way to receive service like that. Thanks Nathan for your time, manners and knowledge. Absolutely exceptional service.