21 November 2020

Our retailers are the heart of Northlands. They keep the wheels churning, cogs cogging and pumps pumping - we’d be lost without them.

Collage of awesome people

To acknowledge this, we have an awesome initiative to thank them for their amazing work. Each month a retailer will be recognised for the exceptional experiences they are giving their customers.

This is where you come in. We need you to tell us who deserves to be rewarded.

Had an exceptional experience recently at Northlands? You could win a $50 gift card for you and another for the store or employee that you nominate. We read every entry and pick a new winner each month, so make sure you give us as much detail as possible!


Last month’s winner

Kay from Countdown nominated by Kara:

“I shop at Countdown every Tuesday around the same time as it fits in with our busy schedule. Every time, without fail my 2 year old daughter will fall asleep on my shoulder while I am trying to grocery shop, just when I get to the check out or when I need to put my bags in the trolley.

Kay will always stop what she’s doing – even if she is super busy – to assist me in any way that she can. Whether that be unloading my trolley, helping me pack the bags (when the alert levels change) or packing my trolley. Just today, my daughter who was fast asleep on my shoulder, lost a shoe and Kay walked from aisle to aisle trying to find the child with the missing shoe. She could have easily left it at customer service but she didn’t. She obviously cares about the customers at her store.

Kay is always so happy to see my daughter and I and she will always stop to say hello, regardless of how busy or hectic it may be. I have never experienced this level of customer service before and this is why I feel like Kay is most deserving of the recognition.

Thank you Kay – you’re amazing!”