20 November 2018

I may just have to ensure that every member of my family reads my blog this week, as it’s all about me! It’s about me going shopping, and looking on line, and picking a number of things that I would like, should Santa be asking.

I know I am going to be spending a lot of time (I have been already) thoughtfully ruminating over what to buy a number of people for Christmas. To me it is really important to get it right – that little thrill of watching someone delight in what you have bought them is part of what makes Christmas special. Anyway, back to me! Picking a dozen things that I love, or wouldn’t be at all adverse to owning, was a speedy exercise, which began at The Design Store.

My top 12 is a diverse list, ranging from the romance of fairy lights (of course I already have some) an Ecoya candle (one can never have too many), and gorgeous candlesticks; to the practicality of some merino clothing for my outdoors adventuring. On that note, I just bought my significant other a bike for his significant birthday and mine is looking like a poor relation in comparison – hence the bike. As for the heart, I know I have featured this before, but I still really do love it. I also love my dog who would be so deserving of a new bed, even though she favours those belonging to her special human folk (she does sleep in a dog bed in the laundry at night though, I will have you know!)

I am a sucker for duck egg blue, and for comfort, so the couch from PK Furniture was an early additon to my list, and how lovely is that studded bed headboard from Furniture Now. Not so lovely are my current bar stools, so that stylish number from Hunter Furniture piqued my interest too. Clothes just have to be on the list, and Ezi Buy has some temptors. The white pants would be a welcome inclusion in my wardrobe, teamed up with bright tops and easy to pull on over my bikini.

And finally, I am not one to keep up with the Jones’ but my neighbours have one of those vacuum cleaners that spins about doing its business while they mind their own business. I never thought I could have appliance envy, but it appears I can. To my children, take note: one of those vacuum cleaners from Godfreys would benefit our whole household. Just saying!

1. Epsom headboard, $499.50, from Furniture Now|2.Liv, 2018 women’s Rove 1 urban bike, $949.99, from Torpedo 7 |3. Heart vine (medium sized) $49.95, from The Importer |4. Robot vacuum cleaner, $249, from Godfreys |5. Zero bar stool (various colours), $249, from Hunter Furniture |6. Mog & Bone basket dog bed (small) designer dog print, $23.99, from Animates |7.Urban linen beach pants, $69.99, from Ezi Buy |8.Mika two-seater with chaise, Tiffany Blue, $839.40, from PK Furniture |9. Warm white plug in seed lights, stellar, $64.99 , from The Design Store|10. Christmas Madison candles, $54.95, from The Design Store |11.Chateau white candle holder small, $35, and large, $45, from The Importer |12. Icebreaker, women’s merinoloft stratus transcend hooded jacket, $649.95, from Torpedo 7.

Note: Prices mentioned, and availability of products featured are subject to change. If you love the look, we recommend you head in store to find out more.