27 July 2018

When I first set up house as a newly-wed, my lounge furniture included chairs cast off by my brother, and a bed piled with big cushions.

Truth be told, I quite liked the bed with cushions. It was my way of gently transitioning from student life to real adult world! Of course, in that humble piece of furniture I had both seating and a place for someone to crash for the night. Check out the furniture stores at Westgate Lifestyle and you will quickly realise this can be achieved in a much more stylish fashion. Welcome to Jory Henley, a furniture store which has recently joined the Westgate Lifestyle collective. In amongst the loveliness in store are gorgeous day beds.

When I told my kids I was about to write a blog about chairs I think I encountered at least one yawn. But, as I told them, you can track the story of your life by the chairs in your home. When I was an expectant first-time mum I yearned for a rocking chair for feeding time, then I quickly moved on to wanting a sizeable chair, big enough for me and a cuddling toddler (like the Don Lounge chair I found this week in Hunter Furniture). Before long we needed a chair that could fold into a spare-bed for when the kids had friends to stay (love the one I found at NOOD). These days in my lounge, posteriors are predominantly parked on brown leather couches, which I love, but with the addition of a single chair adding a colour statement. I’ve found various single chairs (as pictured) that would serve that purpose. I have a girlfriend who invested in a classic wing-back armchair (as per the one I found in Freedom) which she would periodically have recovered – once in a pretty floral, later in a dynamic, stripped velvet. That one change transformed the décor of her room.

As for the next stage, I’m loving the look of the leather chairs with footstools (found some in Harvey Norman) and I tell hubby that one day we could snuggle up on the likes of the La-Z-Boy two-seater. Then, when we’re really old, there are those lift chairs that assist in tipping you out (you know what I mean!). So there you go…my life by chairs. Of course, the journey can include some regression. Our family room features a bed piled with big cushions. Maybe when the kids all leave home for good I will get one of those stylish day beds. I know where to go looking.

  1. Nelson occasional armchair, vintage, from Freedom Furniture, $1,299 | 2. Blair rocker/recliner, from La-Z-Boy, fabric from RRP $POA | 3. Classic wing-back chair, from Freedom Furniture, $1999 | 4. The Don lounge chair, from Hunter Furniture, from $1090 | 5. Martin tub chair, from Hunter Furniture, $1,359 | 6. Ana corner chaise suite, from Hunter Furniture, $2,799 | 7. Adam two-seater, from La-Z-Boy, fabric from RRP: $1,499 |8. Norwood, from La-Z-Boy, Fabric from RRP: $1,399 |9. Vcool armchair, from NOOD, $899 |10. Muddler sofa bed, from NOOD, $699 | 11. Time-out day bed, from Jory Henley, $1,295 | 12. Lenda one-seater, from Jory Henley, $495.

Prices mentioned, and availability of products featured, are subject to change. If you love the look, we recommend you head in store to find out more. There are many mid-winter sales now on.