27 June 2019

My Miele vacuum cleaner’s innards are on display. The top flap has long gone revealing the inner workings, and there’s black, electrical tap marring the white of the plug. It’s a patched-up, on its last legs kind of vacuum cleaner.


Woman pouring a coffee from her espresso machine


It’s becoming increasingly difficult to ignore the fact I need to go vacuum cleaner shopping, which led to a topic of conversation amongst the family last week. What would you all go and buy, I said to my audience, if money were no object and Westgate Lifestyle the destination? I would be heading to Godfreys to replace the said appliance, while hubby and the boys would be off in different directions. One said a coffee machine, for sure, hubby thought a smart watch would be interesting, and yet another son started on about a GPS driven lawn mower. I’m not sure the later even exists but the conversation did then morph on to the robotic vacuum cleaners.

Speaking of such modern wizardry, did you know temperature regulating sheets actually exist? Apparently, these sheets adjust to maintain a micro-climate of personal comfort all night long… technology particles take moisture away from your body keeping you cool and dry throughout the night. Just wow. Who would have thought? Excellent for night sweats too I wonder? While out vacuum cleaner shopping I imagine I could get tempted by the luggage options at Briscoes (not an expensive item, but a tempter), the bar stools at Hunter Furniture, or the double sleeping bag at Rebel. Regular sleeping bags make me feel mildly claustrophobic, so I like this concept (I only just discovered these too!)

There are plenty big-item tempters out there: like the sofa (perfect for movie viewing), the treadmill (for less sedentary times), the bar fridge, entertainment unit, and the lounger. There are half-year sales on to take advantage of and price increases to beat – head on to Kitchen Things, for example, before the end of the month, and enjoy favourable pricings on items like the coffee machine and bar fridge featured here. Happy shopping.


Big ticket items

1.Smeg, 120L bar fridge. $3,169, from Kitchen Things | 2. Smeg benchtop coffee machine, $799, from Kitchen Things | 3. Flock lounger, charcoal, $899, from NOOD | 4. Caribee safari double sleeping bag, $132.99, from Rebel | 5. Withings steel HR smart watch 36mm, $299, from Harvey Norman | 6. Merchant entertainment unit, 120cm, $699, from Freedom | 7. Miele complete C3 family all-rounder vacuum cleaner, $549, Godfreys | 8. Panorama Bella trolley case, $90.00, from Briscoes | 9.Delta cinema entertainment unit (fabric from RRP)$6,150, from La-Z-Boy | 10. Sole 460 treadmill, $1,724.99, from Rebel | 11. Trace bar stool, $499, from Hunter Furniture | 12.Temperature regulating sheet set by NuSleep, $249, Harvey Norman.

Note: Prices mentioned, and availability of products featured are subject to change. If you love the look, we recommend you head in store to find out more.