22 January 2020

It appears I have a problem with New Year’s resolutions. The issue is around selecting just ONE.

This year, for example, I managed to come up with three. Not that they have anything in common…Number one is to laugh more, number two is to let kindness be my yardstick, and number three is to freshen up my house (in slow increments).

A fresh look for 2020


While some say a New Year’s resolution is simply a one-week to do list, I’m happy to report I am on track so far (yes, a mere three weeks on, I know)!

New Year’s resolution number three makes good sense for me as the start of the year often heralds a good time to sort and declutter, making me feel more organised for the year ahead.

It’s a time when, in my home, I like to switch out some things and choose new items to give my home a fresh look. This titivating may be as simple as changing cushions and bed linen and adding more plants.

Here are a few of the quick and easy things I’ve done around the house to give it new life:

  • I’ve said farewell to some timber photo frames, replacing them with white to freshen up my walls.
  • I’ve added some new cushions to lighten up a space, am looking at changing a standing lamp shade (to add some drama) and
  • I’ve just bought a faux plant that’s doing a perfect job of adding ‘life’ to my hallway where the sun doesn’t shine and a live plant would, well… die.

There’s a great selection of faux indoor plants on the market these days and they’re popping up all over the place. I recently wrote a Your Home & Garden story about a house where faux palms were mixed in with real plants in clusters – the result was FABULOUS.

So yes, freshening up my home is taking a wee bit of my attention of late, and the timing is perfect as the sales at Westgate Lifestyle are phenomenal.

Most of my attention, however, is focused on outdoor fun time – plenty of time on the beach and my bike, in the pool and enjoying barbecues.

Summer’s just hitting its stride, I say.

New products at Westgate Lifestyle


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Note: Prices mentioned, and availability of products featured are subject to change. If you love the look, head in store to find out more.