19 February 2019

Words are a big part of my world, but you won’t find many in my house as décor touches on the walls or on cushions.

Having said that I do have one canvas that says: “follow your bliss” and during these times of blue sky day after blue sky day I’m doing exactly that. Following my bliss pretty much entails walking down my garden path to our swimming pool and submerging… sometimes as many as four times a day. Bliss! If your bliss has a summer-related story then that’s fantastic as we get to enjoy such ongoing, fabulous weather. Summer is still going strong (and if, perchance, the weather takes a turn for the worse between my time of writing this and your time of reading, then I would just like to say that I do not have any special jinxing powers).

So, with summer still a shining light, I’ve gone shopping for things we can still do with. By this time of the year there are some great bargains to discover, such as the $1,000 or so off the price of outdoor furniture sets at The Importer. (There are plenty such bargains to be found at various stores). I discovered something new while shopping – check out the firebox BBQ pizza oven. The other items I have included here include a blender (available from various stores at Westgate Lifestyle) perfect for smoothies… although, of course, a trip to Tank is always a splendid idea for such healthy drinks, and salads too. My kids seem to battle over who can take fans to their rooms at night, so I was attracted to what’s on offer in that regard at Briscoes. And, I was in Rebel just the other day buying a headlamp, as an extra, for one of my sons who just competed in an ultra-marathon and didn’t emerge from Rotorua’s Redwoods until dark. I’ve included the headlight as it’s a handy accessory to add to the camping gear.

How romantic looking, as well as functional, is that mosquito net. And, not that I’m victimizing mosquitos, but citronella candles – perfect for deterring them – are available at various Westgate Lifestyle stores too. The cheese and cracker set featured here from NOOD seemed a great idea for when attending barbecues. And, I really want one of those flamingo cooler bags (they’re the thing these days – flamingos, it appears). I have a birthday coming up. Guess who will be dropping hints!


Home Essentials mosquito net, $24.90, from Bed Bath & Beyond | 2. Outdoor flamingo, 24 litre cooler bag, $19.90, from Bed Bath & Beyond | 3. Firebox bbq pizza oven, FB12, $119.99, from Briscoes | 4. BBQ Cube Mighty by Goldair portable two-burner bbq, GBQ20, $179.99, from Briscoes | 5. Goldair retro mini tripod fan, 20cm, $129.99, from Briscoes | 6. Mares junior sea pals MSF, backpack, $99.99, from Rebel Sport | 7. Cheese and cracker set, $49.99, from NOOD | 8. Studio premium canvas beanbag, $119, from Harvey Norman | 9. Smeg blender, $399, from Kitchen Things | 10. Awaroa Cantilever umbrella 3.3m, $1,499, from Freedom | 11. Led lenser neo headlamp, $49.99, from Rebel Sport | 12. Seahaven outdoor suite, grey, $2,995, from The Importer.

Note: Prices mentioned, and availability of products featured are subject to change. If you love the look, we recommend you head in store to find out more.