05 November 2017

A traditional Christmas usually involves a pine tree covered in lights and baubles, stockings hanging in the lounge and plenty of Christmas-sy decorations placed all around. But what if you'd prefer to decorate your home a little differently incorporating all the telltale signs of the festive season into your home but in a subtle way? Here are a few of our favourite ideas and how we'd style them:

1. Statement pops of red or green decor

Cushions, vases and throws are a nice easy way to introduce telltale colours of Christmas into your home but if you’re in the market for a big ticket item, a statement chair, ottoman or piece of art would certainly pack a festive punch (and it’s not limited to just Christmas). If you already happen to have a red or green colour scheme try adding statement pops of silver or gold.

2. Scented candles that smell like Christmas

Sometimes that Christmassy feeling can be captured in a fragrance. Familiar scents that take you back like pine and cinnamon or cloves and orange. This idea is not only subtle but a great way to trigger all the warm-fuzzies of the festive season without the fuss.

3. Swap fairy lights for festoon lights

While it’s fair to say that fairy lights aren’t just for Christmas they are a Christmas tradition. Festoon lights on the otherhand are a funky and festive alternative best strung across your outdoor entertaining area in the lead up to the big day and beyond.

4. Dazzlingly decorative placemats

Placemats are sometimes a forgotten feature of the everyday table and yet they add a sense of occasion and much needed colour. Whether placed under the fruit bowl or at every meal, metallic or bold botanical cut outs in festive-inspired colours are memorable and special.

5. Light your house plants

Granted, not all house plants will be robust enough or big enough to handle decoration but some will. Whether its a large tropical fern or fiddle-leaf fig, try placing some mini string lights at the base of the pot or throughout the foliage. Just be careful not to do too much damage while decorating!

6. Baskets for the tree

Besides being a stylish way to store toys and books they can also make a great base for a Christmas tree to sit in (to conceal the bucket, if it’s a live tree!). Or if your tree doesn’t require a base, perhaps use a few decorative baskets around the tree to store all those runaway Christmas gifts (and excess gift wrap after opening).

7. More than a Merry Christmas

While there isn’t anything wrong with the sentiment, bunting has come a long way since the gold and red foil days of old. Instead how about choosing something a little more lighthearted and fun like¬† that other fun sentiment: eat, drink and be merry! Alternatively use oversized foil letters to spell your own greeting!

  1. Lucia armchair $999 by Nood | 2. Festoon Lights $99 by Freedom Furniture | 3. Ecoya Madison candle $52.95 by Freedom Furniture | 4. Jason felt botanic placemat $8.99 ea from Briscoes | 5. Kookie 40 LED mini string lights $8 by Warehouse Stationery | 6. Peroni Seagrass Basket from $20 by The Importer | 7. ‘Eat drink be merry’ bunting $29.99 by Freedom Furniture

While there is no right or wrong way to style your home for Christmas perhaps the best thing about the above alternatives is that they can be used individually at other times of the year and for different uses too!


Note: Some ideas mentioned may not be suitable for homes with small children, please use your own judgement when decorating. Prices and products listed are subject to change. We recommend you head in store to find out more.