04 September 2019

My sister started her spring cleaning on the weekend. I’m not so disciplined. I was out exploring a local, beautified quarry with my dog and then detoured on the way home to meet a friend at a cidery. So much fun.

However, I have to say some sort of spring cleaning will occur in my household at some stage, no doubt initiated by my husband – in our relationship he is more of a cleaner, while I’m more of a tidy-upperer.

It follows, therefore, that spring shopping has a differing focus for us. Hubby would be more likely to go and buy a cordless vacuum cleaner (maybe I could suggest a robotic one), while I’m more likely to buy baskets for putting things away in.

Last spring, he bought a steam mop. I bought some new bed linen…well, it’s time to put away the flannelette sheets, isn’t it? Spring, after all, is a great time for freshening things up.

It’s a tempting time to introduce some lighter hued fabrics (maybe florals) to the décor too and switch the home fragrance – courtesy of candles and diffusers – from the heady, musky scents to lighter offerings (spring is in the air).

It’s also a season when the garden beckons – I love this. If there’s ever a time to get planting, it’s about now. I’m rather loving the big planter I spotted at Freedom the other day. I’m enjoying the fact greenery in the home is back in vogue, yet if none of your fingers are remotely green then worry not as there’s a great selection of faux plants available these days.

More excitedly, with spring comes spring sales! Check out my next blog, which will focus on great sale offerings.

Anyway, it’s a beautiful sunny day as I write this (hence the sunglasses included in my product list). I’m sure hoping I don’t jinx the weather. Happy shopping.

Springtime products

1.Odell planter, large, $64.95, Freedom |2. Stige storage unit, 3 tier, $89, Freedom |3. Murphy basket, large, $89, Freedom |4. Adidas Kumacross HR sunglasses, matt black, grey, $189.99, Rebel |5. Fieldcrest Aimi duvet cover set, $239.99 to 299.99, Briscoes |6. A La Mode Kusama European pillowcase, $14.00, Bed Bath & Beyond |7. Artificial climbing potted tall pothos plant, $44.99, from Briscoes |8. Open sky diffuser 200ml, $19.90, Bed Bath & Beyond |9. Whitewash storage basket, three sizes, from $20, The Importer |10.Bissell steam mop select, $169, Godfreys |11.Hover performer plus robotic vacuum cleaner, $199, Godfreys |12. Fold up storage box, medium, white, $9.99, NOOD.

Note: Prices mentioned, and availability of products featured are subject to change. If you love the look, we recommend you head in store to find out more.