21 September 2018

School holidays are looming, so let us lend a helping hand with some awesome ideas to keep the kids busy!

Three-quarters of adults say their fondest childhood summer memory is of playing outside during school holidays.

That’s according to a survey that’s now about four years old but I imagine the findings still ring true. I know it’s not quite summer holidays, but spring holidays are just around the corner and the weather may well show its sunny face. The statistics got me thinking about my favourite childhood holiday memory.  I was nine and staying at a good friend’s place – a dairy farm where we had a hut made of haybales, we helped feed out, we climbed the grain silo, we made bridges over streams… It was all great outdoors fun. Fast forward many years to the days when I was entertaining my young children during the school holidays. On one occasion I rang a few mums and we all bundled up extra kids and headed to a local quarry with bush-clad hills and the kids dashed off in teams with walkie talkies. I’m not sure what the rules were around their play, but they had loads of fun. It was an adventure.

So, it’s with a head full of outdoorsy holiday memories that I went shopping for school holiday inspiration. Parents wanting to encourage their children to spend some of their holidays playing outside may well like the frisbee, balls and fishing rod I found at Rebel Sport. (I’ve included a photo frame in my shopping suggestions, as all that action may well equate to some great photo opportunities).

There’s also heaps of things to entertain the younger generation on inside days. The karaoke microphone was irresistible, I thought, as was the modelling clay (just as much fun as play dough). The school holidays could well be a good time for a craft project, and maybe a sewing machine will get those creative juices flowing nicely. Perhaps the holidays are a good time to encourage your children to spend time in the kitchen – a smoothie-making blender may be just the tempter. And, of course, for those yearning for screen time, there’s plenty on offer at Harvey Norman, like the PS4 dual-shock wireless controller. Oh, and who the heck knew there were books at Briscoes – so many cool ones – a selection of reading and activity books to keep the young ones happy. Happy holidays – that’s what we all want!

1.Dinosaur sticker book, $12.99 from Briscoes |2. Wahu mini beach footy ball, $19.99 from Rebel Sport |3. Neoprene twist flying disc, $29.99 from Rebel Sport |4. Wipe-clean telling the time book, $12.99 from Briscoes |5. Magic karaoke microphone, $39.99 from NOOD |6. PS4 Dualshock 4 wireless controller, $119.99 from Harvey Norman |7. Focus Jarvis Walker Fisher Rod, $59.99 from Rebel Sport |8. Jovi clay, $10.00 from Warehouse Stationery |9. Brother sewing machine GS2510, $299.00 from Warehouse Stationery |10. George Foreman mix & go Optima blender, $69.00 from Harvey Norman |11. Adventure cushion,$20.00 The Importer |12. Nautical photo frame, $10.50, The Importer.


Note: Prices mentioned, and availability of products featured are subject to change. If you love the look, we recommend you head in store to find out more.