15 April 2019

School holidays are upon us and with them comes a change of pace.

Kids at the airport

For some parents it’s a more frenetic time as they try to juggle childcare with their working lives. For some it’s a chance to slow down a little – no school lunches to make and a break from all those extra-curricular activities that involve a lot of chauffeuring. In my world, it appears it’s also a time for people to holiday. One of my sons is heading off on a northland road trip, while so many neighbours, friends and family members have overseas trips on the radar. Samoa, Japan, Australia, Vietnam, Tahiti… that’s where they’re heading. So many exciting destinations. So, it’s with those travelers in mind that I write this blog.

I’ve had fun finding product to suit those off on adventures. The luggage options are numerous and there’s a good choice of extra things that may well be worth having – money belts, a travel toilet bag, a go-pro for capturing the fun, a microfibre towel, and shoe bag are some examples. Then for those of us not venturing much further than the letterbox, I found a fun cushion with a tropical theme, and a piece of wall art, appropriately called Fun in the Sun, to assist us in our holiday dreaming! If you’re hankering to, or even just considering, travel, but are uncertain of the destination then there’s a chance NOOD’s bucketlist may supply an inspiration with its discs featuring 100 wonderful things to see.

Many of the items featured in this blog are on sale. Examples include the travel case on wheels, and the bright piece of carry-on luggage (called Poppy) that I fell in love with at Briscoes – 40 percent off that item. I didn’t realise how much I needed it until I saw it! Thank goodness Mother’s Day is coming up. Check out my next blog for Mother’s Day inspiration. In the interim, happy holidaying.

Travelling accessories

1. Jump compartment carry-on, Poppy, 50cm, now $107.99, from Briscoes | 2. Adidas Tiro shoebag, $19.99, from Rebel | 3. Noir photo album, glossy 200 pocket, $24.99, from Briscoes | 4. Korjo money belt RFID, $23.40, from Bed Bath & Beyond | 5. Fun in the Sun artwork, $325, from The Importer | 6. GoPro Hero 7, $349, from Harvey Norman | 7. Korjo hanging toilet bag, $27.90, from Bed Bath & Beyond | 8. Aloha cushion, $24.95, from The Importer | 9. Kaffe travel cup, 250ml, $19.99, from NOOD | 10. Flight Piha trolley case, now $99.99 to $129.99, from Briscoes | 11. Haige large lime-green microfibre towel, $19.99, from Rebel | 12. Tabletop bucketlists, $17.49, from NOOD.

Note: Prices mentioned, and availability of products featured are subject to change. If you love the look, we recommend you head in store to find out more.