27 November 2019

Summer won me over. I had every intention of dedicating this blog to great gift ideas in the lead up to Christmas (a bit more of the same focus as my previous blog) but then this glorious weather of late got the better of me.

A summer setting by the pool


Successive days of sunshine has me in raptures and I just can’t resist writing about summer-related goodies in our Westgate Lifestyle stores. Of course, much of what I feature here can serve as Christmas present ideas anyway, and they’re seasonally appropriate.

The kaftans (perfect for over swimwear) at Bed Bath & Beyond, the drinks cooler from NOOD, the outdoor heater from Harvey Norman, and the Wahu water slide (yahoo,I say) from Rebel Sport would all make great gifts, I reckon.

I’ve been spending a bit of time in my gardens of late as I’m a sucker for fresh produce and also all the floral wonders this season brings, and so those scuffs from Bed Bath & Beyond look appealing. Actually, my salad veges would look great in that walnut salad bowl spotted in Briscoes.

I haven’t been spending an appropriate amount of time around my pool due to work demands, but when I get there (hopefully some solid time this weekend) then I will be desiring the likes of the lounger (appropriately named, “solace”) from NOOD.

My husband, meanwhile, doesn’t do the heat as well as me, and has a lower tolerance for flies, so he’s thinking ceiling fans are what we need in preparation for the hotter days to come – there are plenty of options at both Lighting Plus and Lighting Direct.

Speaking of plenty, if it’s outdoor furniture you require, the offerings are many – in various stores – at Westgate Lifestyle. I think by now you have the message. Westgate Lifestyle is ready for summer. Let’s go shopping!

Fresh product ideas for summer


1. Indoor outdoor Kerala rug, 200x285cms, $499.00, from Rugs & More |2. Wahu super slide single, $49.99, from Rebel Sport |3. Outdoors mojito scuff, $19.90, from Bed Bath & Beyond |4. Sirene willow necktie kaftan florals, $24.90, from Bed Bath & Beyond |5. Suva 5 piece outdoor bar seating, $2,299, from Harvey Norman |6. Prestige two tone, black/walnut 25.cm salad bowl, $29.99, from Briscoes |7. Airfusion Aikmani 152cm DC fan, brushed chrome and wooden teak blades, $515.94, from Lighting Direct |8. Inferno flame outdoor heater by Gasmate, $999, from Harvey Norman |9. Goldair Tripod fan, copper colour, 45cm, $103.00, from Briscoes |10. Solace lounger, $164.50, from NOOD |11. Super acrylic drinks cooler, $39.99, from NOOD |12. Speedo women’s endurance cap sleeve full zip suntop, $59.00, from Rebel Sport.

Note: Prices mentioned, and availability of products featured are subject to change. If you love the look, we recommend you head in store to find out more.