08 June 2018

Because no-one really lives under a rock, everyone knows there has been a royal wedding of note of late.

So, in keeping with the theme I’m suggesting a right-royal spend up. It’s not everyday we head to the shops and buy the big-ticket items. But, if you deem (by royal decree, or otherwise) that the time is right, then you’re spoilt for choice at Westgate Lifestyle. Need a new bed? Well, we have Bed Post, Bedstop, The Bed People, The Bed Shop and Waitamata Backcare Beds… and others without the word “bed” in them. Perhaps it’s time to invest in a natural wood item that will be a décor attention grabber or actually purchase that long-coveted lounge suite. If the latter, there are various stores at Westgate Lifestyle to cater for that desire – NOOD, Hunter Furniture, Harvey Norman, La-Z-Boy, Freedom…

For those of us who can’t afford maids worry not. How about splashing out and buying one of those robotic vacuum cleaners that zoom around of their own accord dealing to your floors while you enjoy a coffee courtesy of your new coffee machine – these little tempters (both the robot and the coffee machine) can be found at Westgate Lifestyle too.

When I last shopped like a royal it was to purchase a huge French-door-styled fridge. My, was this matriarch revered by her sons when that baby was brought home, because of course super-sized fridge means heaps more food. Enough for a banquet. Now they’re telling me our castle needs a massive flat screened television – they tell me we can get one that effectively looks like a piece of art when not in use.  I’m thinking a chandelier is more likely.

If all this talk of buying the pricier items is making anyone in your household feel uncomfortable, just give them a cushion to hug tight. We have just the thing: Keep Calm and Carry On.

  1. Samsung 65″ “The Frame” 4K Smart TV from Harvey Norman | 2. “Keep Calm” cushion from The Importer | 3. Workspace Magnum Bonded Leather Executive Chair from Warehouse Stationery | 4. Florian 12L Pendant Chrome chandelier from Lighting Direct | 5. Smeg Benchtop Coffee Machine from Kitchen Things | 6. Respose Chaise-Anthacite-One from Nood | 7. Mizuno golf stand bag from Rebel Sport | 8. Sonos Play hifi wireless peaker from Harvey Norman | 9. Vorwerk robot vacuum from Godfreys | 10. Genuine hand knotted red rug from Rugs and more | 11. 1300 rounde table, Bayley range from Forest Furniture