01 May 2019

What is Mother’s Day going to look like for you?


Perhaps it will start with breakfast in bed on a tray, maybe with a flower in a vase alongside the food offering. There’s the chance it may include a hand-made card with cute messaging. I’ve received a few of those cards over the years, invariably incorporating words such as “thank you mummy for making good food” because my four are all boys and food is a major in their world!

Mother’s Day for you may be a family-focused affair where you may be treated as Queen of the household. And most likely, there will be a surprise or two for you to unwrap. For those needing to go and make those purchases there’s some ideas here. I’ve already started dropping hints (is this a bad thing?) I’ve been waxing lyrical about the heart from The Importer for quite a few months now. Christmas and my birthday have come and gone and the bait has yet to be taken.

So, the hints have become less than subtle in the lead-up to Mother’s Day this year! I’ve suggested to son number three that all four could chip in together and what a heart-warming combined Mother’s Day present that would be. My suggestions for you are as varied as glass straws (very on-trend and environmentally wonderful), an Oh La La front door mat (there are different wording options), snuggly things for winter, smelly things, exercise related product, and a pricey number (well worth it for lovers of great coffee). As always, some of the items pictured are on special. Happy Mother’s Day.


1.Smeg benchtop coffee machine, $799, from Kitchen Things |2. York sit up bar, $37.49, from Rebel |3. Oh La La doormat, $14.97, from Freedom |4. Glass straws, set of six, $10.95, from Freedom |5. Flourish women’s ¾ metallic spot bathrobe, $34.90, from Bed, Bath & Beyond |6. Sleep hearts cozy slippers, $9.90, from Bed, Bath & Beyond |7. Nike women’s fleece full zip hoody, $50.99, from Rebel |8. Heart vine, large (other sizes too) $99.95, from The Importer |9 Boston Living Peony Collection Diffuser (Peony Rose), $14.99, from Briscoes |10. Barley Sophia vinyl and fur cuff glove (medium and large), $22.49, from Briscoes |11. Botanical navy swirl basket, $29.99, from NOOD |12. Conair Reflections LED lighted mirror, $49.00 from Harvey Norman.

Note: Prices mentioned, and availability of products featured are subject to change. If you love the look, we recommend you head in store to find out more.