24 August 2018

Father’s Day is nigh. Now’s the time to shop.

It’s my husband who sheds tears when our children leave home. So, when I’ve said – in the lead up to Mother’s Day – that “becoming a parent can be likened to having part of your heart walking around outside your body…forever”, I’m well aware that applies to dads too!

It is a massive love force, given that the love of a parent is unconditional.

Being a dad brings with it many proud pat-on-the-back moments, many rewards, adventures and sheer fun.

But, it is hard slog too. It is a tough and challenging job, especially because, most dads recognise that getting this job right really matters. It is a unique blend of the practical with the emotional and can indeed be considered a manic pursuit – full of emotional highs and lows.

Another thing about fatherhood…it is most certainly worth celebrating. So, let’s do exactly that. In the lead-up to Father’s Day (September 2) let’s take some time to find a gift for our dads – and/or, ensure our kids have a gift for dad.

The socks idea has long-since been shelved, so why not go the extra mile and find something that’s spot on suitable. It could be a big-ticket item – and my, did I find one of those at Hunter Furniture. It’s a foosball table of great beauty, a lovely furniture piece of reclaimed hardwood and natural volcanic basalt stone. Other things I have included cost considerably less, like the NutriBullet (from Harvey Norman) and skipping rope (from Rebel Sport), for example.

I’ve including some items here to suit the young shoppers too with not so much in their piggy banks. How about the toiletry bag I found at Bed, Bath & Beyond for only $14.90 or the beer glass from Briscoes for only $7.99. Bargain! And, don’t forget the gift of food is nearly always a goodie. How about getting your children to make their dad a card inviting him to lunch at Tank, or St Pierre’s.

Happy shopping!

Aldrich toiletry bag, $14.90, from Bed, Bath & Beyond | 2. Ocean Imperial beer glass, 475 ml, $7.99, from Briscoes |3. Ricardo travel essential garment carrier, $99.99, from Briscoes |4. NutriBullet 600, $129, from Harvey Norman |5. Foosball Table, $8,9999, from Hunter Furniture |6. Bloomer barstool, $129, from Jory Henley |7. Smeg, 42 litre bar fridge, $1,699, from Kitchen Things |8. Quatro Ottoman $399, from NOOD |9. Deer head, $29.99, from NOOD |10. Adidas Stanford pants, $69.99, from Rebel Sport |11. Adidas speed rope (3 metres), $29.99, from Rebel Sport |12. Pentel Energel Pen, aluminium, black ink gold, $12.99, from Warehouse Stationery.


Note: Prices mentioned, and availability of products featured are subject to change. If you love the look, we recommend you head in store to find out more.