18 March 2019

How much fun did I have the other night?

Once a year – while the weather is still warm – a group of friends and I hold a progressive dinner. All those involved live within walking or biking distance and our little quirk is that all have swimming pools as it’s a progressive pool party. As well as consuming food and refreshments at each stop, the rule is that all participants must end up in at least one, if not all, pools along the journey. I wimped a little this year having solely one dip and that was where a spa is positioned poolside. Every year at least some of our kids tag along, which adds to the fun, and it’s especially lovely to note that even those now in their twenties manage to be in the neighbourhood to take part in at least a few stops. We have a theme each year too and dress up (a bit of a spectacle as we travel the streets) and organise the menu accordingly. This year’s theme was Mexican, and corn salad, Mexican rice, and a rather yum refried beans dish came out of my kitchen.

All this got me thinking about food prep, entertaining at home and homewares of the eating and dining variety and hence the theme of this blog. From a kitchen trolley, tablecloths and table mats to crockery, cocktail shakers, cheese knives, cheeseboard and coffee machines, there’s plenty on offer. I’m a bit smitten with the Hemingway butter dish and the stylish wine decanter I found. The tealight holder would be lovely for creating ambience, as would the colour change lamp – by turning this lamp over, you can change from daylight to warm white light. Bon appetite and happy shopping.


 1.Essential collection Orlando black tablecloth, 150 x 230cm, $34.99, from Briscoes | 2. Jasmine white tea-light holder, $27.50, from The Importer | 3. Heleni kitchen trolley, 3-tier, $159.00, from Freedom | 4. Arielle wine decanter, $89.99, from NOOD | 5. Sunbeam mini barista espresso coffee machine, $229.00, from Harvey Norman | 6. Nova 3-piece coloured baking set, $34.99, from Briscoes | 7. Design Republique, 5-piece, gold cocktail set, $27, from Bed Bath & Beyond | 8. Hemmingway butter dish, $24.95, from Freedom | 9. Gather Home Co Amalia patterned cheese knife set, $29.90, from Bed Bath & Beyond | 10. Florence summer table mat, set of six, $20, from The Importer | 11. Olio cheeseboard, matt black, $19.99, from NOOD | 12. Ledlux luna led colour-change lamp, $103.90, from Lighting Direct.

Prices mentioned, and availability of products featured, are subject to change. If you love the look, we recommend you head in store to find out more.