05 February 2019

It's time to celebrate your love

In preparation for writing this blog heralding the pending official annual day of love, I sent a group of friends an email. I asked them to share what a typical Valentine’s Day looks like in their world. Everyone’s got one right – the friend who just can’t resist the ultra-cheeky reply. Here’s what one of my lovely friends had to say…

“Oh, same ol’ same ol’ here. I’ll lie in bed till noon while hubby strips naked, coats himself in chocolate and dances round the room squirting champagne and scattering rose petals for me before vacuuming (the rose petals) and dusting.”

Ha, ha. I told her that with an imagination like that, she should be a writer (she is!) Hilarity aside, a lot of people pin a great amount of significance to this day. If you are unsure if that applies to your significant other, then best play safe and go shopping. I’ve included a variation of ideas from personal care products to those designed to pamper. Of course, I’ve included the heart I love so much, from The Importer, and an “All you Need is Love” drink bottle from Freedom. You may not be able to afford to take your loved one on a wee sojourn to the Amalfi Coast but a canvas of that place of beauty may be a good second best (there are various canvasses on offer). Of course, candles are always a safe bet when it comes to a gift that speaks of romance; or maybe pop a photo of yourself (or the two of you) in a new frame. I’ve included a fluffy cushion and a wrap here too – not because we need additional warmth during these glorious summer days – but because they speak of snuggling up times.

There are plenty of accessory and clothing options at Rebel Sport too; and if home is where the heart is then check out the little number I found at NOOD. Remember there’s never an excuse for not giving flowers … The Importer has the answer for those who may find it difficult to access the fresh variety.

No matter how big or small the gift, acknowledge the one you love on Valentine’s Day. Treasure loving and being loved.


Note: Prices mentioned, and availability of products featured are subject to change. If you love the look, we recommend you head in store to find out more.

1. Amalfi Coast framed canvas, 120 by 100cm, $289.00, from Freedom Furniture / 2. Buff tubular headwear, hovering flamingos, $33.99, from Rebel Sport / 3. Flourish Isabella throw, $34.90, from Bed Bath & Beyond / 4. Bligh breakfast cushion by Sheridan, $169.00 from Harvey Norman / 5. Pedi lux foot spa, $139.99, from Briscoes / 6. White rose multi-stemmed flowers, $13.95, from The Importer / 7. Brooklyn Boston photo frame 4 by 6, $19.99, from Briscoes / 8. Seascape 250gm candle, $14.90, Bed Bath & Beyond / 9. Water bottle, one litre, for Bellyful, $16.95, from Freedom Furniture / 10. Heart vine, small, $29.95, from The Importer / 11. VV Sassoon easy trim, nose, ear and facial trimmer kit, $19, from Harvey Norman / 12.My home light box, medium, $29.99, from NOOD.