26 June 2018

Every now and then, in the magazine-writing aspect of my working life, I stumble across a house with interiors that make brown look very, very good.

Brown leather chairs, cow-hide mats, maybe some Aztec wall art, pottery pieces, natural-hued cushions and throws, and then some big-leafed green plants thrown in the mix. The other day I visited a house where the coffee tables were actually stools and resembled tree stumps (I found something a little similar in our The Importer store – the Indian drum featured below). The Flintstones would have loved them. I loved them. For me the appeal is the ode to natural, rustic décor and perhaps this is especially appealing in winter when we want to snug up. Let’s face it, in summer we are possibly more drawn to the white-walled, minimalistic look with bright pops of colour. The shortest day of the year may have just passed, but it’s still winter! So, I went shopping to see what I could find to show you what I mean about brown looking very, very good. Let’s dispel the “brown is boring” myth. Sometimes a picture just does speak 1000 words as the saying goes, so here’s a few pics of some of our favourite products. Gorgeous!

1 .Attica Sofa 3S Union, Freedom, $2,199.00 | 2. Design Republique Tonkawa rattan basket, Bed Bath & Beyond, $29.90 | 3. Dakota table lamp, Lighting Direct, $137.94 | 4. Husky set of three tables, wood, Briscoes, $149.99 |5. Ceramic cracked-look vase 305mm, Briscoes, $15.00 |6. Floor cushion 80×80, Freedom, $129.00 | 7. Goat fur pelt, Nood, $99.00 |8. Abaca Footstool, The Importer, $125.00 |9. Cubis side-table, La-Z-Boy, $POA |10. Indian vintage drum, The Importer, $495.00 | 11. Chasm artwork $159, Nood |12. Design Republique brown/white cow hide rug, Bed Bath & Beyond, $499.90.

Prices mentioned, and availability of products featured, are subject to change. If you love the look, we recommend you head in store to find out more.