30 January 2019

A few years ago, I had the pleasure of being sent to Australia to write about the experience of hiking the great Ocean Road. And it was great.

Woman enjoying the beautiful view overlooking a bay

I recall soaking up the view of white sands contrasted by Pacific Blue. Near perfect, I thought, except that it didn’t quite have what New Zealand could offer – what was missing was the stunning, deep red of the Pohutukawa bloom.

That combination just does it for me – sandy white, ocean aqua and Pohutukawa red. When I’m tasked with thinking of favourite colours, or a happy place, that’s my winning trifecta. I’m not sure what colours rock your world, but as our gorgeous summer days continue, it’s fitting to think of bright and beautiful colour, and there’s a whole spectrum of it available in Sylvia Park Lifestyle stores.

I had fun with this one, sourcing product from keep-cups, to cushions, clothing, furniture, interior design pieces, and the quirky too. Those loving the cheery bean bags at NOOD may have to be a wee bit patient – the store promises more of this popular item will be back soon. There’s just so much colour on display – beige really doesn’t get much of a look in. Sometimes feasting the eyes on such cheery and bright things causes an involuntary smile, I found. And, I like that! Of course, smiles get wider when there are bargains to net and there are plenty of those. Happy shopping.

Colours that embrace bold colour


1.Mix and match Levi wire pendant cage (various bright colours), $4.97, from Freedom Furniture / 2. Urban beach dress, $59.99, from Ezibuy / 3. Scandi patchwork cushion, $29.99, from NOOD  /4. Under Armour Men’s threadborne short-sleeved T (five colours), $59.99, from Torpedo7 / 5. Belmondo home Shiloh filled bed cushion, $45, from Spotlight / 6. Mika 2-seater sofa, $419.40, from Furniture Now / 7. Small velvet bedspread throw, watermelon, $89.95, from The Importer / 8. Cheerful travel mug, $9.59, from The Design Store / 9. Casa Domani Cirrus glass deep salad bowl, $23.99, from Spotlight / 10. Casa bean bag (various bright colours) $239.00, from NOOD / 11. Buddy hooks, assorted
colours, $31.99, from The Design Store / 12. Oriental bedside, turquoise, $450, from The Importer.

Note: prices mentioned, and availability of products features, are subject to change. If you love the look, we recommend you head in store to find out more.