17 October 2018

Buying the bigger items.

The battle of the new television has been fought and won. I lost. The proof of my husband’s persuasive powers now hangs on the living room wall, spanning 65 inches. Hubby and some of our sons decided a new TV was needed. I didn’t see the need but that’s by-the-by. Actually, it has to be said I won some major brownie points as I ended up suggesting getting the super-sized one, because if you’re going to up-size you may as well do it properly. And yes, I must admit, it’s hard to beat David Attenborough programmes on a big screen with awesome clarity and definition. It’s also true that Netflix has been a little busier and one of my boys has declared compulsory Sunday night movie night, which is more than kinda nice.

The last time I got coerced into a major purchase was when we upscaled to a French-door-style fridge (which I love). I needed no persuading what-so-ever when the idea of comfortable outdoor furniture was mooted, in time for last summer. My point is, sometimes you just need to commit to parting with some serious coin. And so, I have focused on the bigger ticket items this week, finding both my new television and the big fridge at Harvey Norman.

I also made some discoveries along the way. At Waitemata Backcare beds, for example, I learnt about the Zero-G Lifestyle bed option with its adjustable base allowing elevation. This equates to ergonomic solutions for watching television, reading, or working on your laptop – also great, if someone needs to sleep slightly elevated. Another discovery I made was the cordless vacuum cleaners (plenty of options at Godfreys), with some of them resembling weed eaters I thought, but oh, the delight of no cord! Of course, if it’s furniture or lighting you are after, then Westgate Lifestyle has a plethora of outlets where you can go seeking and finding.

Just an assurance if all this talk about spending up large has your budgeting sensibilities all a-quiver… before too long I’ll be looking at some shopping scores priced at $50 (or maybe $20) or less

Rustic Skandy bed frame, from $1,299 to $1,399, from The Bed Shop | 2. Antique wedding cabinet, $3,395, from The Importer |3. Kiten bookshelf, $499, from Jory Henley |4. Domobarblue benchtop coffee machine, $1,999, from Kitchen Things |5. Sauber advance handstick vacuum, $599, from Godfreys |6. Fuel 16 Treadmill, $1,399.99, from Rebel Sport |7. Florian, 12L pendant light, $867.90, from Lighting Direct |8. Rimu or Kauri 1500 by 1500 table, $3,445, from Forest Furniture |9. Sorrento push-back recliner, $1,899, from La Z Boy |10.Vega entertainment unit, $2,199, from Hunter Furniture |11. Sony 65 inch 4K Smart TV, $2,888, from Harvey Norman |12. Smeg 120L bar fridge, $1,699, from Kitchen Things

Note: Prices mentioned, and availability of products featured are subject to change. If you love the look, we recommend you head in store to find out more.