14 February 2020

We are smack-bang in the middle of summer wedding season. And it’s a great time for a party to celebrate all those love-birds out there.

BUT! The questions always comes up – what do you wear to a summer wedding?


Now I know that Kiwis are notorious for gravitating to black, so I’m going to rock the boat a little here (it’s the Queenslander in me) and give you some ideas on how to add some COLOUR to your wedding-guest look.

But if the thought of a bright pink dress scares you, don’t worry. Bold colour doesn’t have to mean head to toe brights! You can just slip in an accessory or two to add some brightness to any look.

My tops tips for wearing brights? (no matter the occasion)

  • If it scares you, start small – lipstick, nail polish, or shoes
  • Choose a colour you absolutely LOVE! That way you’ll feel good wearing it, no matter what it is.
  • Bold colour actually works really well with black, so if that’s your safety colour, you can still try the bold colour with it.
  • Bold colour also works really well with other bold colours – think hot pink and emerald green together, or red and oranges together – go on, give it a go!

To inspire you to get excited about all those brilliant, bold colours you’re going to rock, here are some of my top picks from SYLVIA PARK you can rock right now.


Sylvia Park: Witchery magenta dress | Country Road red blouse | Hannahs yellow heels | Forever New emerald skirt | Lovisa multi earrings | Max blue dress | Overland Merchant 1948 red heels

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Until Next Time, Happy Shopping!
Cait xoxo

Want more one-on-one help so your bold is gold? Book Caitlin, or another great Sylvia Park stylist for a KiwiStyle session now.